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My name is Anna Winterstein. I'm a Russian-born, French-raised and London-based writer and photographer,
and I currently apply these skills to entrepreneurship.

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My tech start-up

Together with two friends, we've founded Smarter Time, where we've built a time-tracking AI for Android and iOS:

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My pictures

I started taking pictures over ten years ago, first of anything, then mostly of my travels. Then two years ago, I discovered studio and portrait work, and fell in love with it.
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My writing

Writing is the other half of my work. I used to study literature, then journalism. These days I tell a lot of stories, some of them corporate, some of them personal. You are welcome to read

The Smarter Time blog
My old journalism Tumblr

Or head to Twitter for random tidbits (link below!)

My politics

I'm one of a group of people who are trying to kickstart Génération·s, a new French left-wing political movement, based on pro-european, ecologically-minded and humanist policies. Find out more on

The Génération·s movement
The UK section